Holographic Potting Tarp 25" x 30"

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    • Mess Free - Button-up design to keep the mess in the tarp! This potting tarp makes it easy to keep your plant and garden chores all in one place, while keeping the surface you’re working on clean! From repotting, pruning, watering, propagating, etc.
    • Stylish - No more boring, dull colored potting tarps and mats! This potting tarp has a beautiful iridescent color that changes in the light from, blue, purple, pink, orange, red and yellow. Will add a fun and colorful aesthetic to any setting you’re in.
    • Easy Set-up, Clean-up and Storage - When in use just roll out the tarp and button at each corner. Once you’re done, dump the mess, rinse the tarp, let dry and just roll it back up!
    • Waterproof and High Quality - This potting tarp is made of high quality PVC that is waterproof, durable and non-toxic. Buttons are made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion and rust.
    • Convenient - This potting tarp can be used indoors or outdoors, allowing you to do your plant chores any time of day! Great for homes with small spaces where a backyard or front-yard may not be easily accessible.


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