Crazy Keiki Cloning Paste

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  • Crazy Keiki Cloning Paste is a fun product every houseplant enthusiast needs in their tool kit. Our cloning paste works by bio-hacking your plants dormant nodes and kicking them into gear to create new vegetation. The applications are only limited by your creativity.
    • Want to enjoy additional flowers on your orchid? Apply some paste to the nodes higher up on the flower spike to encourage more blooms.
    • Encourage your carnivorous nepenthes to clone itself by applying some paste to basal nodes at the base of the plant.
    • Push a dying and defoliated croton out of it's tantrum by putting Keiki Paste on some dormant woody nodes.
    • Fill out some leggy plants by adding paste to nodes in between leaves and branches.  


    How do I apply Keiki Paste to xyz?

    Great Question! The key to getting Keiki Paste to work is to find a node on your plant. Nodes can be found at the base of a leaf, twig, bud or branch. Check your plant over and try to find knobby or thicker areas or even scars where a leaf used to be. These are very likely nodes.
    We have created many tutorials on where to apply Keiki Paste on various plants but if your plant isn't one of them sometimes you can just google 'XYZ Plant node' for pictures. 


    How many nodes should I apply Keiki Paste to?

    This depends on the size of your plant. Growing a Keiki takes energy and you don't want to overload a tiny plant with dozens of keiks! For an orchid, limit yourself to two or three nodes.

    I want to get more FLOWERS on my orchid. Where should I apply keiki paste?

    If you want an additional flower spike, pick a node closer to the flower to apply keiki paste.

    My dog licked my plant with Keiki Paste. Will they get sick from Keiki Paste?

    No. The yellow paste in Keiki Paste is Lanolin which is a waxy substance that comes out of Sheep wool and is used in some skin care applications. Lanolin has a mild smell that is attractive to some curious pooches but they won't be harmed from a curious lick. 

    How long does Keiki Paste take to work?

    Usually, you start seeing noticeable changes in your plant within 2 weeks. However, depending on the health of your plant, how woody the stem is, the node etc it can take longer, up to 6 weeks to see changes.


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