Oh Happy Dirt is a line of hand-blended potting mixes that are created to suit different plants’ needs.  Not all soils are created equal!

Here’s how they measure up:

  • They practice sustainability: their blends start with coco coir and coco chips, a renewable resource. They do not use non-renewable peat moss.
  • They use compostable bags and labels for their retail products.
  • Due to fluoride concerns, they do not use perlite in any of the blends.
  • Each blend holds a specific amount of water – just run water through it and the soil will retain exactly what your plant needs! Oh Happy Dirt takes the guesswork out of watering.
  • They know that real, whole ingredients are better for all of us – plants included! They use whole ingredients like alfalfa meal, flax seed meal and several kinds of rock dust for a balanced approach to plant care.
  • Most potting soils don’t include rock dust, which is why many older plants have issues as they age.
  • They also include charcoal and humates to encourage a healthy soil environment.

Above all, they take the work out of re-potting plants. By choosing Oh Happy Dirt you are giving your plants the highest-quality substrate on the market. Your plants will love you!

New to Oh Happy Dirt:

They now include the lovely benefits of worm castings and neem in every blend! They’ve perfected the process to include the benefits of worm castings without any chance of fungus gnat infestation, common in bagged worm castings. And to benefit all of our plants, they decided that neem was no longer only to be found in select blends – they’re putting it in everything!