Predatory Mites Certificate

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  • This is a purchase certificate that we will mail to you, not a delivery of the predatory mites themselves.

    You will receive a packet that includes information on predatory mites, and a code to redeem the certificate via the Orcon website, over the phone, or fax. Orcon will send the mites to an address you designate


    Have spider mites but don't want to use chemicals in your home? Predatory mites are the perfect solution. They feed on all adult, juvenile, and egg stages of the Spider Mite


    What you'll receive in one order: 2,000 adult predatory mites

           Use 2-5 per plant and 500 to 2000 per tree

    Orcon Predatory Mites informationClick to go to Orcon website and read more about predatory mites


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