Outdoor Plants

Our nursery boasts a beautiful selection of outdoor plants throughout the year. Whether you are stopping in during the height of spring to freshen up seasonal containers, or popping by on a frozen winter day to get evergreen shrubs, there will always be an expansive offering. We have a 4 acre property that is dripping with beautiful outdoor plants all year long. Below is a peak at the types of plants we typically carry at the nursery. If a plant is listed it does not mean that it is currently in stock. We like to use this list a general guide so our clients can get an idea of the type of plants we sell. Due to our vast inventory we are unable to list our outdoor plants for purchase online. As always, you are welcome to call the shop any time for a stock check! You can reach out via any contact method, but your fastest responses will typically come from giving us a call. 
We can be reached at 253-631-5320.

Outdoor Plant Categories:


We carry a wide range of gorgeous annual plants for every season!  These colorful plants are great for containers, hanging baskets or garden beds!  Load up on these colorful plants to make your landscape pop!

Evergreen Shrubs

Creating a landscape with interest throughout the year often starts with choosing beautiful evergreen shrubs!  These great plants will look good throughout the year, and often boast seasonally interesting flowers and new foliage growth!

Dwarf Conifers

Dwarf conifers are a plant type that we just can't get enough of!  They are tough as nails but also incredibly beautiful.  We carry a wide range of these amazing plants in every size, shape and color you could imagine!

Flowering Trees

Nothing makes a bigger statement in your garden than a flowering tree!  These showstopping plants come in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes.  We take pride in keeping a huge selection in stock throughout the year!

Shade Trees

Shade trees are a vital part of a beautiful landscape!  Not only can they give you brilliant fall color, but they provide cooling during the hot summer months!  We carry an abundance of gorgeous trees for any sized landscape!


Adding vertical interest is especially important in tight spaces!  We carry a huge assortment of beautiful annual and perennial vines that will grow up a trellis, fence or wall.  You'll get beautiful flowers, interesting foliage, and in some cases, amazing fragrance!


Our veggie selection is absolutely enormous, especially during the spring and summer months!  You'll find starts for all of your favorites, plus fun new varieties you never knew you needed!  We also carry seeds for a myriad of veggies, so you can get your vegetable gardening fix any time of year!


There are lots of great berries that you can grow in the Pacific Northwest, and we carry a gigantic selection of them!  We choose the best performing varieties to stock here at the nursery, so you know that you'll be successful!


Perennials are a wonderful and long-lasting addition to any garden bed or container.  Whether it is bright flowers or bold foliage, there is a perennial to suit any situation!  We carry lots of great options for sun or shade, dry or wet!

Deciduous Shrubs

No landscape is really complete without the addition of some deciduous shrubs!  Deciduous shrubs often boast the best flowers, the most interesting foliage, and of course fall color!  With so many amazing options to choose from, you will find yourself wanting them all!

Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses are one of the most important plant types in low-maintenance and contemporary landscapes, but they're also great in cottage gardens, containers, and all sorts of other applications!  With tons of grasses and grass-like plants to choose from, you are sure to find some that you'll love!

Ornamental Trees

We take pride in stocking a huge selection of ornamental trees that will add style to your landscape!  Weepers, columnar trees, topiaries and more!  There are lots of fun options to choose from!

Coniferous Trees

Looking for a tree to provide year-round architectural interest and beautiful foliage?  Look no further than conifers!  These wonderful and tough plants are the anchors of a well-designed landscape, and will look great for years to come!


We love offering a huge selection of edibles, and herbs are always in season here at the nursery!  The selection changes throughout the year, so be sure to look for some of your seasonal favorites next time you stop by!

Fruit Trees

Fruit trees are an easy and rewarding edible!  With lots of tasty options to choose from, you will find yourself with so much fruit that you'll be giving some away to all of your friends, family and neighbors