Ship-to-Store with Partnered Growers

Shopping for plants in the comfort of your own home? You've got that right! We've partnered up with one of our amazing growers to make choosing plants just that much easier. Don't forget you're welcome to drop by our nursery anytime to get your immediate plant fix!


Logo for the company "Monrovia" which is just their name with a drawing of a flower before it


We are proud to be a provider of Monrovia’s plants that Grow Beautifully®. You will recognize the green Monrovia pot but it’s what is going on inside that pot that makes a difference. Each of the 2,300 plant varieties they grow is nurtured in a customized soil mix that helps develop a strong root system and thus a healthy plant that will flourish in your garden. Monrovia has introduced hundreds of improved plant varieties that are bred to be more pest and disease resistant and/or with improved characteristics such as increased flower or fruit production, or unique color or shape.  
How To Order:
1. Go to the following link
2. Shop via categories or search for a specific plant via the search bar
3. Keep an eye out for a "Buy Online" button. These are options you can choose to order. If you do not see a "Buy Online" button next to certain plants, those are not available right now.
4. Once you've added all of the items to your cart you'll put in personal information and payment information. 
5. You will receive a confirmation via email for your order. It could take upwards of 1-2 months for your order to ship to our nursery.
6. As soon as your order is delivered we will give you a call to let you know they are available for pickup.